Your Administrative Support


Your Customers are collecting goods in your warehouse or factory.
They take care of the transport arrangements and the related documentation.
Your Company charges 0% VAT on the invoice.
Do you receive a proof from your Customer that the goods have been exported ?

The VAT authorities can claim the VAT amount eventually increased with an additional penalty from your Company on every invoice for which you can’t provide a proof of export.

Don’t take that risk – contact us : Info@Qosix.be

Qosix offers :

  • The template of a long-term declaration of export and the recording of the signed off declarations.
  • Systematic recording of the proof-of-export.
  • Pro-active follow-up of the missing proof-of-export.
  • A regular status overview.

Your Benefit :

  • Mitigation of the risk
  • The administration is done in a structured way and with an efficient process at low cost.
  • Your team can focus on value-adding tasks, rather than administration.
  • Pro-active follow-up of the missing proof-of-export.
  • The regular status overview allows evaluation and eventual corrective actions and/or policy review